The Duprass

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1st place in the Portland Writers’ Mill August 2016 contest Photo Inspired.Two empty dining room chairs face the ocean.  Who put them there? A couple in love, wrapped in each other year after year, lack nothing… Or they? “I’ve found … Continued

The Morning Glory

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In nearly every social situation in my life, I used to find myself a misfit. There are various reasons for it, some which I have yet to discover, but whatever the causes, I have often felt unloved. One summer vacation, … Continued

Mother of All Good Children

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Based on “Fairy Tell-True,” by the Brothers Grimm. Winner, Twisted Fairytale contest by, blogged August 2009. The aim was to rewrite an established fairytale as a horror story.* Copyright 2009 by Robin Layne Wilkinson. All rights reserved. As the … Continued

The Happy Stepsister?

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A lighter take on a better-known fairytale.

If the shoe fits…

Castle Picture:
Ducats Grove
Carlow, Co. Carlow
Library of Ireland
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