Mother of All Good Children

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Based on “Fairy Tell-True,” by the Brothers Grimm.

Winner, Twisted Fairytale contest by, blogged August 2009.

The aim was to rewrite an established fairytale as a horror story.* Copyright 2009 by Robin Layne Wilkinson. All rights reserved.

“Girl” by “Waithamai” on Flickr. Link to license

As the girl grew up playing with the other children in Fairyland’s palace, questions haunted her. Was the Fairy really the mother of all good children? Were any bad children in their midst? Sometimes the girl felt as if she were bad. She never had the courage to ask other children if they felt the same way. Above all, she did not want to be shamed in front of them.

(continue reading here Download Mother of All Good Children or on the AbD blog, Available Here)

*Much of this story borrows very liberally from the Brothers Grimm. I got their version from A Book of Famous Fairy Tales, the Young Folks Library Volume 3, 1947, edited by Roswell M. Field, Auxiliary Educational League, Chicago, Illinois. The text appears to be in the public domain.

As a child, I inherited The Young Folks Library books from my sister, and I loved Famous Fairy Tales very much. When my own child was young, I was thrilled to find “new” copies of these classics.


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