Professional Editing by an Award-Winning Writer
Makes Your Writing Sing!

A lifelong writer experienced with all levels of the editing process, Robin Layne will help you say exactly what you mean… Clearly. Concisely. Beautifully.

Can do all the work with you online

Taking in the big picture:

  • Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Developmental editing
  • Critiquing
  • Typing

Scrutinizing the details:

  • Copyediting
  • Line editing
  • Proofreading

Charges: $24 an hour.

For books: Free chapter edit to estimate time and price.

For shorter works: depending on length, may edit a sample page.

Fiction: novels, short stories, short-shorts

Genres include inspirational, speculative, paranormal, horror, young adult

Non-fiction: articles, memoir, biography, book reviews, stylebooks, textbooks, advertising, sale

Poetry: free verse, rhymed and metered, blank verse, haiku

Music: lyrics, recorded CD of original songs, parodies, more to come

Zines and other do-it-yourself publications: composed via Microsoft Publisher or hand-made

“Robin Layne edited my novel Never Again (2015). She was thorough and competent and guided me in deepening my characters and descriptions. I was especially grateful that, along with her guidance and corrections, she was appreciative of my writing. She was also supportive in helping me by phone to navigate my first experience of correcting my proofs online. I highly recommend her.”

—Heather Starsong, author

“Robin is a very valued member of our writers’ group, not least for her insightful editing suggestions on contest entries. She has also been an invaluable member, for several years, of the editorial team responsible for preparing our annual anthologies, and she has a much-appreciated, keen eye for detail.”

—Sheila Deeth, writer/editor/book formatter
The Writers’ Mill

“Robin was my first editor for my manuscript, Through the Eyes of Jesus: Stories of the Resurrection. This was an online venture. She was quick with her response and had to work with a lot of misspelled words, punctuation, several misconstructed sentences, etc. She exhibited a lot of patience and encouragement. I have appreciated her expertise.”

—Amy McCutcheon, author

“I’ve known Robin Layne for almost nine years. She is a very talented writer. She not only writes beautifully, she writes with all her heart. Her writing is flawless. She goes over work with a fine-toothed comb. She is very responsible and very professional. I find her writing moving and inspiring. It makes me laugh, it brings me to tears, and it touches my heart in every way. I’m so proud of Robin because she’s such an accomplished writer. I think she will go far in her writing and I expect to see her as a published author of her novel soon. Robin has edited many of my poems and done an excellent job. I highly recommend her writing and editing skills.”

—Jan Allyson Goakey, poet

“I enjoyed Robin Layne’s help in editing my novel Growlers. Her insight and suggestions helped me to complete a lifelong dream. I would recommend her to any aspiring writer, whether novice, intermediate or expert.”

—Winslow White, novelist

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