The Duprass

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1st place in the Portland Writers’ Mill August 2016 contest Photo Inspired.Two empty dining room chairs face the ocean.
Who put them there? A couple in love, wrapped in each other year after year, lack nothing… Or they?


Illustration by the author

“I’ve found a description for us!” Herb whispered to Marsha one morning as they sat together over oatmeal and eggs.

Marsha peeked over her newspaper onto Herb’s open paperback.

Herb pointed to one word on the page and read aloud, “Duprass.” He added the definition the novelist Kurt Vonnegut had coined: “A karass composed of only two persons.”

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(Published in The Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 6 2017. Buy book on Amazon. Available Here Proceeds benefit the Cedar Mill Library. Also published on the website of Good Samaritan Ministries, Beaverton, Oregon, September 2016. Copyright 2016 by Robin Layne Wilkinson. All rights reserved.)

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