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The Portland Writers’ Mill published The Floor Above: The Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 9 on November 21. It is available on Amazon for a special low price until the end of December 2021. My apologies for not getting this news on the website sooner. I was engulfed by Christmas and then began to recover from all the work and festivities.

I did extensive editing on this book, including tasks that were new to me, like preformatting and formatting. The new work was a challenge as well as a learning experience. Sheila Deeth, the head of the Portland Writers’ Mill, used to do most of the work herself. This year she divided the tasks between other members and taught us a lot.

The writing I contributed was one fiction story about a girl investigating her brother’s unexpected change of heart (“Losing Our Religion”), one memoir story (“Math Anxiety”), the poem that won third place in the Writers’ Mill “Beyond the Headlines” contest in October 2020 (“From the Valley of the Smoke”) and a poem I wrote in fifth grade with a lot of help from my father, Stuart A. Wilkinson (“The Deserted House”). I was so happy the day I discovered my childhood poetry book!

Again, the Amazon link is here.

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