The Writers’ Mill Volume 8 is Now Available on Amazon!

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Reflecting what to many has been a long year, the Portland Writers’ Mill’s latest book has a long title. The title page reads, Journeys Through Chaos: an Anthology to Bring Us Together; the Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 8, “a collection of writing from a very challenging year, published 2020.” It has been an enjoyable contributing to yet another book—writing, proofreading, brainstorming and voting on potential titles to a project whose working name was “Challenges.” Most years we publish an anthology; even when we didn’t, we have produced other collections.

The Writers’ Mill’s eclectic collections make good Christmas presents. Find this one at

cover of Journeys Through Chaos
The cover of this year’s anthology features an illustration by a talented comics artist and zine writer

My writings in Journeys Through Chaos are:

  • “Mania Mountain and the Valley of the Shadows”—an essay about bipolar disorder, which placed 3rd in the Writers’ Mill August 2020 writing contest
  • “Reset”—a poem on the hope that the pandemic will precede worldwide spiritual revival
  • “Not Social”—a haiku about disorientation, which you can read on the Writing Samples page of this site
  • “The Morning”—a fictional short story about a man who makes a mistake on his wedding day
  • “Matches”—a poem about relationships
  • “Welcoming Lilly”—a fictional short story about real people, with just one name changed—the one who isn’t in Heaven yet

To see the other Writers’ Mill collections, visit our Amazon page:

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