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Write Around Portland does workshops of writing in community for people who are normally unlikely to be heard, providing prompts, publishing opportunities, and advanced workshops for alumni.

Editing Credits

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The Portland Writers’ Mill publishes anthologies of varying themes and genres written and edited by members. Barking Rain Press was a small publisher of “books with bite.” Robin worked remotely for Barking Rain in all levels of trade novel editing. Before that, she was an editor at Ooligan Press, the only student-run trade book publisher in the U.S., after a writing, editing, and publishing class at Portland Community College Cascade campus. She was managing editor of a newsletter, and has edited books, articles, and poems for individual writers.

The Duprass

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1st place in the Portland Writers’ Mill August 2016 contest Photo Inspired. Two empty dining room chairs face the ocean. Who put them there? A couple in love, wrapped in each other year after year, lack nothing… Or do they? … Continued

The Morning Glory

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In nearly every social situation in my life, I used to find myself a misfit. There are various reasons for it, some which I have yet to discover, but whatever the causes, I have often felt unloved. One summer vacation, … Continued

Mother of All Good Children

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Based on “Fairy Tell-True,” by the Brothers Grimm. Winner, Twisted Fairytale contest by AuthorsbyDesign.com, blogged August 2009. The aim was to rewrite an established fairytale as a horror story.* Copyright 2009 by Robin Layne Wilkinson. All rights reserved. As the … Continued

The Happy Stepsister?

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A lighter take on a better-known fairytale.

If the shoe fits…

Castle Picture:
Ducats Grove
Carlow, Co. Carlow
Library of Ireland
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